Today’s young people are growing up with a rapidly changing environment, facing major issues such as climate change and the destruction of our natural world. Education about these issues is crucial if our next generation is going to have the context and understanding to thrive in a changing world. As important as it is to educate students about the dangers and challenges of the current environmental crisis, it is equally important to excite them about the possibilities of a clean energy society, and to empower them to be creative and proactive in bringing about solutions.

The program engages students in a discussion about the changes in our environment and challenges them to think about the causes of these changes. For example: the connection is drawn between where we get our energy, the rise in greenhouse gases, and the changes in our climate. Students are then encouraged to share ideas about possible solutions and empowered to see their own ability to make a difference. Through the demonstration of Melodeego’s bike-powered sound system (with live music from the band), kids are inspired by the example of a creative, do-it-yourself solution to a problem.

The goal of the program is to educate students about environmental problems, causes of these problems, and solutions to these problems in a fun and engaging way. A successful event has lots student participation and leaves the audience excited to take action to protect the environment.

Past Events

Green Schools Annual Summit, Oak Hill Middle School, Burr School, Abby Kelley Foster Charter School, Wellesley Middle School, Brown Middle School, Douglas Elementary School, The Riverbend School, The Bowen School

To book a Clean Green Music Machine event, please contact Bonnie Milner (general manager).

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